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Archicad 22 (Архикад)

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625 000 Тг.

  • +7(727)2969050
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Archicad 22 (Архикад)
Archicad 22 (Архикад)В наличии
625 000 Тг.
  • +7(727)2969050


ARCHICAD is a complete design suite with 2D and 3D drafting, visualization and other building information modeling functions for architects, designers and planners. A wide range of software applications are integrated in ARCHICAD to cover most of the design needs of an architectural office:

  •     2D CAD software — drawing tools for creating accurate and detailed technical drawings
  •     3D Modeling software — a 3D CAD interface specially developed for architects capable of creating various kind of building forms
  •     Architectural rendering and Visualization software — a high performance rendering tool to produce photo-realistic pictures or videos
  •     Desktop publishing software — with similar features to mainstream DTP software to compose printed materials using technical drawings pixel-based images and texts
  •     Document management tool — a central data storage server with remote access, versioning tool with backup and restore features
  •     Building Information Modeling software — not just a collection of the above-mentioned applications with an integrated user interface but a novel approach to building design called BIM


Производитель  Graphisoft
Страна производительВенгрия

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  • Цена: 625 000 Тг.